Push/Walk-Behind Mower Blade Sharpening

Push/Walk-Behind Mower Blade Sharpening


Barton Small Engine
1628 N. Main St.
West Bend, WI

Service Description

On-unit or off-unit service available.


Off unit cost = $7.00

On unit cost = $15.00

Usually takes 2-3 Business Days

We service all makes and models. With a full selection of parts , we offer the quickest turn-around on repairs in the area.

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When a piece of equipment breaks down we use various techniques to diagnose the source and extent of the problem. The mark of our skilled mechanics is the ability to diagnose mechanical, fuel, and electrical problems and to make repairs quickly. Quick and accurate diagnosis requires problem-solving ability and a thorough knowledge of the equipment’s operation. Service is what we do best!!

We also offer pick up and delivery and service the neighboring counties around the area.

Schedule your next service appointment! phone (262) 334-5373.